This car tire storage rack can be used for storage, car parts, tires and other items. The steel pallet is provided with forklift slots, so you can easily move this pallet with a forklift. The storage racks can also be accessed from four sides with a forklift. This pallet is also very efficient because this rack is stackable, saving you space in your warehouse. The tire pallet is powder coated in an orange lacquer low. If you are not using the tire rack, you can store it efficiently because the pallet is collapsible (this tire storage rack has collapsible side walls). When you have folded the pallet, you can also stack them on top of each other. The pallet has a length of 2360mm when unfolded, a width of 1260mm and a height of 1470mm and when folded it has a height of 280mm. car tire storage rack

Car tire storage rack specifications

  • Folding side walls
  • An orange powder coat
  • Stackable pallet
  • Forklift slots
  • Unfolded: 2360x1260x1470mm
  • Folded: 2360x1260x280mm

This tire rack is available in the following options:

  • Tyre pallet orange powder coat