The strength of HAKA metalworks is the production and delivery of customer-oriented serial metal productions. From drawing (or based on a sample) to finished product or semi-finished product,  HAKA offers you all the options you can expect from a skilled company like HAKA: profiling, cutting, setting, bending, welding, punching, punching, drilling, tapping, grinding milling, turning, casting and forging. And surface treatments such as hot-dip galvanizing according to NEN EN 1461 and electrolytic galvanizing according to NEN EN 12329, anodising, powder coating both 1 layer (80 micron) and 2 layers (120 micron) and wet painting are standard options. The surface treatments comply with European standards. You don’t have to worry about quality, we are happy to compete in quality and price with Western European production companies.

We work for a wide variety of clients, ranging from local to international. And whether we work on small or large projects, we always think along with our clients. We do this with passion and love for the profession.

We offer the client many options. We can supply metals, semi-finished or finished products, or even take the entire project from design, time planning, logistics and stock optimization off your hands, so that your company can focus on the core business. A misconception of the client is often that large numbers are involved, but HAKA also produces smaller quantities. Our flexibility is also our strength.

Logistics formula: speed, stock and reliability

HAKA metalworks offers the possibility to stock customer-specific products. The customer benefits from the economies of scale (purchase savings) and can dispose of the products at any time. Standstill of production processes should of course not occur, so availability of the products is crucial. Our purchasing and logistics formula enables us to react immediately and take action. A framework contract is drawn up together with the customer so that production and stock are perfectly coordinated. HAKA metalworks takes care of the entire process of purchasing-production-stock. The customer only has to send a request and we will arrange delivery within 24 hours in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The stock is immediately replenished to the agreed level. Of course we do everything in close cooperation with the customer.


Do you have any questions or are you looking for good advice in the field of metalworking? HAKA’s team is very knowledgeable. We are happy to provide you with information, help you innovate and produce and develop your product and the possibilities for your company as efficiently as possible. You can do this by phone at  085-043 24 00 or send an email to or via our contact form. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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