OEM metal products for the industry? HAKA metalworks is the professional and reliable production partner for international product outsourcing. HAKA metalworks stands for high quality, high precision, knowhow and open communication between production partner, the HAKA-team and the customer.

HAKA metalworks operate in various industrial markets:

  • Offshore
  • Automotive
  • Electricity

The application of the steel products which will be used in these markets, are often used under extreme conditions. Due to these extreme conditions, the safety and durability of the products are really important. Therefore HAKA uses several process to keep the high quality level under control. To keep the safety management level as high as possible, we always using the latest production technologies. HAKA metalworks can inform and advice the customer about quality, material, applications, safety standards, project processes, national laws and regulations and other related information. HAKA metalworks always does a comprehensive product research because there is none situation comparable with others.

 Surface treatments
HAKA metalworks provides the best surface treatments for the products. Because every practical situation is different to the other, we carefully prepare, calculate and elaborate the situation. Our surface treatments cope with the European standards. Our hot dip galvanizing is according NEN –EN 1461, our electrolytic galvanizing according NEN-EN 12329 and our powdercoating can be with 1 layer (80 micron) as well as two layers (120 micron).

 Logistic formula // Stock and supply chain. Logistical processes can change quickly and then it is a key factor if you can switch fast. Through our production and logistics formula, we can react immediately and take action. HAKA has the possibility to stock your produced inventory in the warehouse by Haka metalworks. Together with the customer we agree upon a supply contract. In this way production and inventory are perfectly matched. HAKA metalworks handles the entire process of manufacturing, logistics and stock. When the products are in stock a delivery within 24 hours in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany can be guaranteed. The stock will be replenished immediately to the agreed level. Everything we naturally do in a careful collaboration with the customer.