HAKA metalworks translates your custom made metal product in highlevel quality products: we take care of the complete process from drawing till delivery. So that you can focus onto the business. And make a step forward.

Innovation is the key and engine of our economy and HAKA provides a complete outsourcing from development and productionproces in Asia and/or Eastern Europe. We will provide significant cost savings on your products and deliver an optimum price- performance ratio. To make sure that you can act as competitive as possible into your market. Our strength is our proven value for money ratio and HAKA is a reliable player in the Western European market. Also interested in your price advantage? Please contact us and let us surprise you.

Underneath a short impression of our clientspecific custom made metal products and production possibilities. You can contact us by telephone at +31 85 0432400, by mail info@hakametalworks.com or via our contactform on the contact page. We will respond within 24 hours.

Our surface treatments cope with the European standards. Our hot dip galvanizing is according NEN –EN 1461, our electrolytic galvanizing according NEN-EN 12329 and our powdercoating can be with 1 layer (80 micron) as well as two layers (120 micron).

HAKA metalworks takes care of your metal production and is also your partner for the associated services such as: –    Enginering
–    Assembling
–    Costen-analys /budgets
–    Import/export administration
–    Transport
–    Packing
–    Stock control

The available production technologies are:
–    Welding (robot)
–    Punching
–    Tapping
–    Drilling
–    Laser – and plasmacutting  (also for tube)
–    Bending
–    Stamping
–    Roll profiling
–    Turning
–    Milling
–    Casting
–    Forging