Custom made metal products for construction

Metal products for construction and scaffolding made to measure, we would like to take care of that for you. For example, think of handrail-holders, steel pallets, steel containers, F-anchors, steel stirrups, crush-barrier bunkerscrowd barriers, pallets for storage of crush-barrier barriers, etc. Since we cannot show all products due to the protection of our clients, we would like to give you an impression via some examples below, or via our brochure.

Metal construction products according to your wishes

HAKA metalworks converts your customized request for construction and scaffolding into high-quality products. We take care of the entire process from drawing to delivery, so that you can take action and take a step forward. You don’t have to worry about quality either, we are happy to compete in quality and price with Western European production companies.

Below are some examples of customization for construction/scaffolding:


Stapelbak smal 400x500


Kiepbak voor heftruck


opslagrek voor autobanden