HAKA metalworks, manufacturer of steel products for scaffolding and building construction.

HAKA metalworks produce and delivers steel products for steel scaffolding and for the building construction side. The customers of HAKA metalworks can buy from a huge standard assortment and due to the well organize warehouse with high stocklevels, HAKA metalworks can deliver your orders in 24 hour in Holland and Belgium and in 48 hour in Germany.

A selection of the standard range of steel products includes:

  • Steel powerbox in several dimensions
  • Steel racks in several dimensions
  • Scaffolding ladders in several dimensions

A selection of the steel products for the establishment at  the construction side includes:

  • Building fence clamps in several versions (also anti-theft)
  • Building fence stanchions in several versions
  • Building fence feets
  • Building fence pallets

To get a complete list of items, please check our online brochure.

Custom made productions.
HAKA metalworks develop and produce lots of OEM products for scaffolding and the building construction side. HAKA metalworks is that business partner who can develop, advise, produce and delivers your special requested products. To giva a idea about the OEM products, these are customized steel pallets, steel boxes, anchors, clamps, crowd barriers and storage pallets. We do not show these kind of OEM products on the website because we need to protect the strategic products of our clients.

In good collaboration with the customer, the HAKA-team designs and/or develop your customized product to a high quality product. HAKA metalworks take care from design to delivery. The customer can give full focus on their core business and can take a step forward, just where HAKA metalworks stands for, A upane! Ka upane

Surface treatments
HAKA metalworks provides the best surface treatments for the products. Because every practical situation is different to the other, we carefully prepare, calculate and elaborate the situation.

Our surface treatments cope with the European standards. Our hot dip galvanizing is according NEN –EN 1461, our electrolytic galvanizing according NEN-EN 12329 and our powdercoating can be with 1 layer (80 micron) as well as two layers (120 micron).