Outsourcing and cost savings on your metal products? Metalworks
Please contact +31 (0)85 0432400, send us a mail us or fill in underneath contactform.
We are at your service for our standard products or your OEM metal products.

The  combination of 20 year (international) specialist experience and technical knowledge in different sectors makes HAKA metalworks your proffesional partner for a step forwards. “A upane! Ka upane”.

Invoice & warehouse address:                                                                                                                  
Noordersluisweg 1
8243 PR Lelystad
The Netherlands
+31 (0)85 0432400
CCI 65282736
VAT nr. NL8560.50.519.B01

Arjan Hazelhoff                                                                                                                            Marcel van de Kamp
HAKA metalworks- ArjanHAKA metalworks-Marcel                                                                            
+31 (0)85 0432401                                                                                                                          +31 (0)85 0432402


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